Social Responsibility - PRISA Group
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PRISA is a pioneer in developing environmentally responsible green communities and resorts. From the beginning of development, we are committed to respect a property’s history and enhance its natural qualities.  Our genuine commitment to sustainability has influenced the planning, design, and construction of all our developments, which have maintained a 50% green area footprint as a standard.

PRISA is an innovator in green land development practices, focusing on sustainable landscaping, storm water retention, aquifer recharge, and creating habitats where people can enjoy and be part of nature. By building communities and spaces in harmony with the environment, PRISA fosters favorable climate for optimal and happy quality of life.


PRISA offers competitive jobs that provide a broad spectrum of career development opportunities for all individuals in a variety of areas, such as construction, food and beverage, operations, sales, hospitality, customer service, and accounting, among others. We firmly believe that creating jobs and professional opportunities can transform our communities and our people’s lives.


Our communities and spaces are built in harmony with the environment and fosters a favorable climate for the development of an optimal and happy quality of life.  It has been proven that being surrounded by nature reduces stress, increases pleasant feelings, and can have a positive impact on human’s mental, emotional, and physical health.

PRISA promotes wellness in many ways, such as:

The development of Sabanera Health,  a state-of-the-art hospital that has raised the standards of health care on the Island.

Dorado Beach Fitness and Wellness Complex, a multipurpose center which empowers the community to pursue happiness and a meaningful life, while developing physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. The center reinforces our commitment to a comprehensive offering of athletics, fitness, and health & wellness programs for everyone.

La Finca in Dorado Beach, a manifestation of our goal and commitment to ecological agriculture, sustainability, and integral health which will provide local production of healthy food.


We are certain that education is one of the most important factors that influences the development of individuals and society.  In 2002, our Chairman, Federico “Friedel” Stubbe along with educator Fernando González, founded TASIS Dorado, a renown private independent school, with the goal of providing a world-class education to all children.  PRISA Scholar is a program that provides scholarships and financial assistance to our employee’s children in TASIS Dorado

Our commitment to education transcends the communities we have built and extends to our neighboring communities. That is why we proudly sponsor our local Luisa Valderrama Martínez School with different projects that have a positive impact on students, faculty members and the community. Part of our contribution has focused on improving school’s facilities and surroundings because we believe that a pleasant environment helps boost student performance, reduces dropout rates, and increases the emotional well-being of students and faculty, among other benefits.


PRISA believes that music encourages creativity, discipline, leadership, connection, and overall wellbeing.  Our initiatives are targeted at helping local musicians and artist develop professionally by offering venues where they can perform, providing guidance on how to navigate the business aspect of the music industry, and providing the technology for them to reach their fullest potential.


Arte_Fits Foundation, a non-profit art organization at Dorado Beach, is a pioneer in the production of ephemeral art on the island, inspired by Land-art, which is an artistic trend that seeks to establish a dialogue between art and nature.  The foundation supports local and international contemporary artists helping them to reach their full potential, allowing them to go beyond the conceptual and formal elements of their usual framework, resulting in unique exhibitions within our projects and communities. For more information:


We are confident that sports play a fundamental role in human life and society because they promote physical well-being, enhance emotional development, encourage discipline, foster character and build camaraderie, among other benefits. That is why we proudly contribute to local sports leagues of all ages.