Lupe Reyes - PRISA Group
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Lupe Reyes

About This Project

Lupe Reyes is a restaurant focused on the authentic Mexican experience, bringing Mexico’s folklore to DISTRITO T-Mobile. This gastronomic concept, whose main protagonists are the “tacos al pastor” cooked in the largest vertical rotisserie in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, pays homage to the Guadalupe-Reyes Marathon, a festival in Mexican tradition which is celebrated from Dec. 12, Our Lady of Guadalupe’s Feast Day, to Jan. 6, the Feast of the Epiphany. One of the focal elements of this gastronomic offering is Lupita Food Truck. This novelty refers to the Volkswagen pickups seen in Mexico, and serves tacos, beers and margaritas for those who have little time or prefer to eat in a casual setting. In addition, the venue features various noteworthy pieces. Among them are a mural of Mayahuel, the Aztec Goddess of agave, created by Dominican artist Evaristo Angurria, and an installation by multifaceted artist Alexis Bousquet, creator of the urban mural project Santurce es Ley, with three vintage TV sets showing the evolution of Mexican TV and scenes with iconic characters from Puerto Rican’s upbringing. On the outside, a mural created by Colectivo Moriviví represents the fresh elements of the menu such as corn, next to a depiction of a Mexican woman. The concept, developed by PRISA Group and whose investors are PRISA Group and McConnell Valdés Consulting, occupies approximately 3,500 square feet and can accommodate up to 140 people. 


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