Denko Asian Eatery - PRISA Group
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Denko Asian Eatery

About This Project

A modern Asian and Zen-style space in DISTRITO T-Mobile, Denko Asian Eatery combines Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Filipino, and Vietnamese dishes. The restaurant elevates the culinary experience by integrating traditional cooking and food delivery methods of Asian cultures. As for the food service, a spaceship departs from the kitchen to bring food to each diner using an autonomous conveyor-belt type system. The design incorporates several figurative elements of Asian culture, such as Daruma Dolls made by Puerto Rican craftsman Enrique Rafael Cabrera. This traditional Japanese doll symbolizes perseverance, prosperity, and luck. It also features a bonsai created by Puerto Rican artist Pedro Morales. Denko Asian Eatery has 3,000 square feet of space. seating 114 people, divided between 26 people outdoor area and 88 people inside the restaurant, referring to the fact that 8 is the lucky number in Chinese culture.


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