La Finca - PRISA Group
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La Finca

About This Project

La Finca is an extraordinary visionary agriculture project that embraces sustainability and nurtures the land to create a thriving ecosystem. Initially cultivating fruit and ornamental trees among others, this transformative venture unfolds across one hundred acres of northern valleys, nestled within the vibrant Dorado Beach community. La Finca serves as a dynamic laboratory where the farm-to-table concept takes root. It encompasses a nursery that cultivates new plants using PRISA‘s diverse botanical palette, ensuring a vibrant array of species. The project goes beyond mere cultivation; we evaluate tree health, and the surrounding conditions then determine courses of action based on the tree’s needs. Mature trees are pruned, treated accordingly, sometimes transplanted in our communities, contributing to the development of thriving forests and fostering healthy ecosystems.


The vision of La Finca is inclusive and diversified, it extends beyond the cultivation of edible and ornamental plants to the design and development of a fish hatchery. Over 12 acres of ponds are being managed and fish species will be introduced to enhance and balance our lakes’ ecosystem. This holistic approach nurtures aquatic life while promoting sustainability and creating a flourishing environment.

Upcoming Projects